Saturday was a busy day for a slightly eccentric and off-the-wall friend and colleague Filip Bunkens. The 21st April was Filip’s birthday. He could have just invited a pile of friends over but instead he decided to take his party to them. On his 30th birthday he decided to use 30 cameras for 30 minutes each, photographing 30 people. A pretty daunting task if you ask me.. Project 30-30-30-30 was born.

From 9am till 11.45pm, Bar Buro in the heart of Ghent was the base for the event. I dropped by in the late morning to offer some support and shot some behind the scenes images. Filip was full of enthusiasm, briskly walking around the vicinity of the bar to make photos of his chosen subjects. Some pretty ancient cameras were being pulled out for the shoots too.. Great to see them working and not just stuck on a shelf somewhere. Mixing analogue with digital cameras was a nice touch, it could have been so easy to just be ‘purist’ and stick to just analogue but no, Filip clearly enjoys photography for the right reasons, the creativity.

I’d been following events throughout the day via Twitter and the #30303030 tag. The buzz of the social media brought in a press interview and a stream of happy messages from people who had taken part or simply passed by to offer support. I was in town later than night so dropped in for the closing moments of his marathon day.  He was still out shooting with the vigour and enthusiasm that he started with. A great idea, well executed. I don’t envy the image and film processing that has to come though!

Anyway, here’s a gallery of behind the scenes snaps.


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  • Elke De Vilder - Rob! Nice pics of me and my minime! Can I have them?! Pleaaasssseee 😉

    Many thanks!


  • Filip - Pitslamp - Great photos Rob and even better to read such a moving post about my project. I’m really touched to read that you really like it and even maybe got inspired with it. 😉

  • Rob Mitchell - It was a great idea and well done with it. Sadly I’ve missed my 30303030 and even my 40404040 so 50505050 might be pushing it a bit too far 😉 Looking forward to seeing your final presentation.

  • Sofie - Very nice Rob…

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