5 Pointz NYC

It came to my attention recently that a very special location is NY is in the process of being erased from the cityscape.
5Pointz was a place for graffiti artists from the city to gather and share in their art. Located in Long Island City, NY. 5Pointz  soon grew to international acclaimed levels, attracting artists from all over the world to participate in the evolving art exhibit.

The artists and organising body of 5Pointz knew that there was  a wrecking ball hanging over there head, after all, the old warehouses were located on prime development land.
Despite their greatest efforts to retain and protect the building, October 2013 saw the definitive decision of the New York City Council approve a $400mil redevelopment of the area.
November 2013 saw the building whitewashed.
The art was covered up for good, symbolising the end.

What about the resident artists? A recent report suggests their art will be featuring in an exhibition. Good luck to them all!

This a selection of images I made during the NYC trip I made with Nikon Europe.

  • Stuart Webster - A great collection of images Rob they really portray the diversity and beauty of graff. Wish I’d have been able to visit before it was destroyed.

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