A memorabElle year. Not just planes, beer and plastic people.


This past working year has been a pretty exciting one. When I look back at what I’ve been up to this year a few sectors of my work jump out, jump at me and I get reminded of.

“You’re the the 360 plane guy who loves beer and little plastic people’

I cannot deny the fact that I’m one of the lucky ones who loves getting up to face work on a Monday morning, I thoroughly enjoy traveling to making virtual tours of aircraft, I’m so thankful that I don’t have a beer allergy and have risen above the criticism of ‘wasting time’ with LEGO figures to even have a photo of my Test Team on a magazine cover.
In between the higher profile or social network showable jobs that I’ve been lucky to have done, I’ve also enjoyed the bread and butter jobs too. Small things that get no air time but are none-the-less rewarding to do. Also plenty of stuff that gets no air time for other reasons, NDA, internal corporate use, etc. Just remember though, every single photo you see out there. Packaging on food, cat food labels, posters, brochures, magazines, etc. They all have someone who made them, a team of people behind them. Unrecognised, unknown and inspiring colleagues who are getting on with their work making this world a brighter and more interesting place.  2013 has seen this profession undermined and devalued further by the assumption that photography can be done by anyone with a camera. I raise a glass to those colleagues out there who are sticking to it, who are rising above it all and sharing in this passion I have for making and creating images. Cheers guys and girls!

Without sounding all gushy and slushy, my clients have all been gems to work for. I don’t need to name names, they all know who they are and I’m looking forward to working with them all again next year.  I thank them for putting up with my sarcasm and sometimes difficult mannerisms. In other words, I appreciate their trust in me.

Some might have even noticed that I’m busy working together with Paul Walsh on a magazine about beer and food. In fact it might have been slightly hard to avoid for those who follow me. The 2nd issue is approaching the publish date and the whole team are loving every hard working moment of getting that into the world. If you’ve not seen it yet, check it out. Belgian Beer and Food. 

To cap off the year I noticed something this morning, a first for me and was worth a smile. I was published on the ELLE website!  😉 No glamour fashion beauty editorial thing but images of beer. BEER! Yep. It was a Liefmans cocktail evening in SIPS cocktail bar in Antwerp.  As always, a fun evening and some tasty beer cocktails. Below a set of images from that event.

To all of you, make 2014 great. Attack it, don’t let it wash over you. Every day will be unique and every day a challenge. Make them count.
Live, Love and enjoy.


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