A photographer in Malta

It’s late October and I’ve finally been able to escape work. or rather, not take any work on for a week. That’s the curse of being self-employed. Not knowing when to hit the brakes and take time out.

I decided on Malta. Why? To explore this small country and see the influence that the British have had here. Is it a little Britain with sunshine? As soon as my rental car arrives, I’ll be doing my best to find out. I’ve no concrete plans, I’ve no pre-determined route or itinerary. I’m going to wing-it.

I arrived late on the 22nd and was shown to my apartment. It’s like a set from ”The Mexican” Sort of clean and tidy but with very rough edges. Breeze from the air-co wafting through the place, a dripping toilet cistern (which I fixed at 2am) sparse but adequate furniture and a bed covered with a single white sheet.  The only thing missing from the set is Julia Roberts…

I don’t intend hanging out here too much but for the next 7 days,  it’s home.

One thing that is on my to-do list. Explore my own photography. It’s been a while since I made photos for nobody but me. It’s going to be strange. I’m a tourist but don’t want to be. I want the insiders Malta. Not going to be easy with just 7 days but I’ll be doing my best to see this place through my eyes and not the typical holiday-maker eyes.

Oh, and btw. Another good thing about being in Julia’s apartment. I’m across the street to the main hotel which is, Little Britain..

I’m off to explore!

  • Peter Burkwood - Sounds like my kind of holiday, looking forward to seeing some pics.
    Enjoy your well deserved break.


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