April not March

April is going to be a bumper month in the camera world. Many of the big names have announced and launched new cameras to an eagerly awaiting audience of critical users. Today this became even more apparent to me when I visited a smallish trade show in Brussels. Photo Business days. Fuji, Olympus, Canon and Nikon all had their new babies on show but all had the same story. Available soon.. Pre-release samples in glass cases or on tight leashes, single examples that have found their way into Belgium to tease photographers into wanting them.
Wanting is what we’re all going to have to do. The colossal impact of 2011’s flooding in Taiwan and the earthquake in Japan have clearly caused a massive knock-on effect. The whole supply chain must have been dramatically disrupted in a way that we in the safe West cannot comprehend. The very fact that any of the camera manufacturers have managed to get sample cameras out into the market is a feat of sheer determination. No matter what brand you are loyal to, the human effort across the board should be applauded.

Below are a few snaps of the new releases.

The Fuji X-Pro 1


The Olympus OM-D


Cinema Skater Dolly


Here is silly little video clip I made with a Sample Nikon D4 and a pretty cool piece of kit, A Cinema Skater Dolly which is being imported into Belgium by the guys at Degreef & Partner Of course, not a worthy reference to either the D4’s performance (video was shot at 6400iso) or the dolly’s ultimate usability as a videography tool.




  • Robert Whetton | Dorset Portrait and Events Photgorapher - Cinema Skater Dolly looks great Rob, I have a friend who could do with one of those over here in the UK!

    loving the music on the vid too 😉

  • Ian - My problem with those dolly’s without a track is that you really need a flat surface to work on. The exposition floor seems pretty even, but the image is really shaky & unusable.

  • Rob Mitchell - The floor was actually very bumpy. yes though, using a dolly like this will depend a lot on the surface. The vertical move was on the side of the Nikon Booth. MDF panels so nice and smooth. I think to use it well you’d have to still make a track for a snooker table 🙂

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