Belgian Beer & Food Magazine.

What started a year ago as a pipe-dream for Editor in Chief  and Publisher Paul Walsh, finally became reality last night.
Issue 1 of ‘Belgian Beer & Food‘ was launched and presented to a group of passionate beer lovers.
The magazine is produced by ex-pats living in Belgium who share the love of beer, especially Belgian beer. A talented group of journalists teamed up to help get this magazine into print. I was asked to be Artistic Director and Chief Photographer so a huge part of me is in this magazine too.
As Belgian Beer & Food is an English language publication it is predominantly aimed at overseas readers. It gives them an insight into what’s what over here. Not just in our ex-pat vision though, we have  a number of Belgians backing the magazine too. Hilaire Spreuwers is a rising star in the culinary world and is also the Culinary Editor of the magazine.

If you’re travelling on Brussels Airlines in the near future, keep an eye open, there is a good chance you’ll be offered Belgian Beer & Food to read during your journey. If you’re not flying, the magazine will be available at specialised beer retailers and bars. You can also subscribe to the magazine to be sure that you receive each and every of the quarterly issues. Keep up to date via the Facebook page too.

Cheers, and here’s to issue 2!

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