Big Green Egg Challenge

This was an interesting experience. Me cooking.

There is no more cook in me than there is ballet dancer, yet I wanted to try and show that even a stranger to the kitchen could put some things together and cook them just fine on the Big Green Egg. The BGE is an outdoor smoker/grill, made from ceramic and in the form of a large egg. A green one.  I’d seen the BGE egg used a lot by my friends and dealers of the BGE, but never had a try at using one myself.

I set out to put some dishes together, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and desert. Not complete menus, but part of it that could be prepared and cooked on the BGE.

The dishes included:

Eggs and ham – Bruschetta – Stella the Chicken – Aubergine stacks – Steamed Salmon – Asparagus – Chunky Monkey pancakes.

Of course, being a photographer, I wanted to document the experiments, not easy to do when your hands are covered in oily chicken and beer.. I’ve selected a few  to post in here, the full collection and a little more commentary on the photos can be found here Anyone in Belgium interested in a BGE should contact Glenn or Kris, they can be found here

I hope you enjoy the shots.

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