Bigger and smaller (edit to include flightcase)

I already offer a superior printing service of large format prints to my clients so today I was pleased add to the arsenal and  take delivery of a new printer…  This time a high capacity dye sublimation printer made specifically to print high volumes of small prints. Typically 10x15cm (4×6”) A single paper roll and ribbon can produce 600 prints.

It’s a bit of a beast, weighs around 18kg (empty) and has a huge footprint on the desk.

First test showed why a dyesub is common choice for mass printing. Fast printing and accurate colours. With some tweaking and the installation of some paper profiles, the print quality was raised a notch too.

Despite it’s bulk, the printer is portable but it  is also very delicate. I’m still waiting for a custom flight case to arrive, that’ll allow safer transportation to and from event.


Custom flight case is here. Perfectly finished and a perfectly snug fit for the printer!

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