I’m so pleased to be have been asked by Torsten Robbens to shoot the exclusive launch images of the full electric superbike built by the Saroléa Racing Team.
I had to keep all the images under wraps until the official unveiling which took place on the weekend of 26th April.
Below are some of the ‘teaser’ images I made for press releases and magazines as well as the complete bike image that was send out for the reveal.

What a machine it is too, I can’t wait to see it in action this year and continue to help out the team.

A little while ago I had to go to Rotterdam for an assignment and thought it’d be a great place to get some shots of a rather funky bicycle made by an Estonian company, Viks.
I had a buzz around the area on the bike during the couple of spare hours I had, I can assure you, it’s a head turner!

I don’t think I need to waste words on describing the bike I had with me, the pictures will show enough 🙂

At the end of 2013 we were asked to shoot a very short promotional video for a paintball event company based near Antwerp. Stafort operates out of a moated fort in Stabroek and as well as paintball, offers a wide range of activities for all ages groups.

This short clip by Frank and myself was shot 100% on GoPro cameras. Hero2, 3 black and 3+ black to be more exact.


  • Paintball UK - Wow, what an awesome video, I love the slow mo bits it’s really well done. I went to Paintball UK and wanted to do a video with my go pro but was a bit concerned about it getting damaged, but after seeing your video I will be sure to go again taking my go pro this time. The game zone there are really awesome, some of the best I have seen, I will be sure to post my video.

  • Rob Mitchell - Go for it, it’s what the GoPro was made for 🙂 Just give it a good wash after because that paint is sticky and messy.
    We just issued warnings NOT to shoot down the drones, oddly people listened 😉

People ask me regularly what sort of background education I had before I decided to become a full time photographer.

Basically, I started out as a model-maker. I made models of all sorts of things. From prototypes of toys, special effects models for advertising, TV or films and I even broke into the car modelling world at Ford. Learning how to model full sized cars in clay.

Clearing up my office I stumbled upon this video of a model I made as part of my final year at college. Commissioned by the late Hollywood actor Sam Wanamaker, this model was of his dream. A recreation of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. The dream became reality and is standing proud on the South-Bank – London.
3 of us worked on the model, each creating sections that came together as the final piece. Predominantly made of Western Red Cedar it was a work of passion and precision. I remember all too well the time it took to saw 1/2mm x 1/2mm sections of wood for window frames and planing the wood to create our own veneers.

As far as I know the model is still at the Globe. If you’re there, have a look or at least ask about it.

Of course, most of this model-making is now done with 3D computer graphics. Another part of my past that I might mention one day 🙂

The video is a bit poor, it’s old and ripped from a VHS. Anyway, enjoy!

Lots of sweat and tears went into this model. Not to mention a tiny little bit of blood every now and then!

It came to my attention recently that a very special location is NY is in the process of being erased from the cityscape.
5Pointz was a place for graffiti artists from the city to gather and share in their art. Located in Long Island City, NY. 5Pointz  soon grew to international acclaimed levels, attracting artists from all over the world to participate in the evolving art exhibit.

The artists and organising body of 5Pointz knew that there was  a wrecking ball hanging over there head, after all, the old warehouses were located on prime development land.
Despite their greatest efforts to retain and protect the building, October 2013 saw the definitive decision of the New York City Council approve a $400mil redevelopment of the area.
November 2013 saw the building whitewashed.
The art was covered up for good, symbolising the end.

What about the resident artists? A recent report suggests their art will be featuring in an exhibition. Good luck to them all!

This a selection of images I made during the NYC trip I made with Nikon Europe.

  • Stuart Webster - A great collection of images Rob they really portray the diversity and beauty of graff. Wish I’d have been able to visit before it was destroyed.