Last week saw the opening a new exhibition in Brussels. ‘The Art of the Brick” 
Artist Nathan Sawaya turn his hobby into his job by turning to sculpting with LEGO® The exhibition is a mix of recreations of famous art pieces and his own unique pieces. One thing connects all of his work, it is all built from  just the humble plastic bricks. The 6 metre long T-Rex contains 80,200 of them!

Without spoiling the trip for people by giving too much away, here’s a selection of the images I made at the opening.
The show runs from 22nd November 2013 to 21st April 2014 at the old Brussels Stock exchange.

For some time now I’ve employed the services of a small but very motivated team of testers. They help me whenever I have new gear to test, giving me good feedback on the findings from their unique perspective. The last issue of SHOOT gave them the chance to get their very over cover shot and they jumped at the chance.
I’d written an article for this issue to suggest that simple desktop photography can be done at home with some very modest setups. Big expensive equipment is nice to have but there are often things around the house that will allow a photographer to get good results.

Below are images of the cover and of the ‘behind the scenes’

So here’s the cover.

And here is the ‘behind the scenes’ shot. Made with a Nikon CoolpixA, hand held under the D800E.
The only lighting in the shot is provided by 2 inexpensive low voltage LED strips from IKEA and The Test Team are standing on 2 planks of laminate flooring. All sitting on my kitchen table.

I have been pretty active in the world of business aviation photography recently so I thought it a good idea to bring some parts of that together into a small showreel video.
Virtual tours, videos, time-lapse, stop motion and photography. Lot of aspects of my job focused on one target group.

One of the bits I love about my job is the fact I get to meet a lot of people. These events organised by brewery De Koninck are no exception. In the last couple of weeks I’ve covered 2 events for them in Antwerp. A family picnic in the park and a 2nd hand bicycle market with a street picnic. Both events had a good turn out of people enjoying themselves, and the day.

The picnic in the park took place in the city park right opposite the brewery. People could pre-book a picnic basket to enjoy with friends and family. Of course, there was plenty of De Koninck on tap too. Live music, good food, beer and fabulous weather. A pretty good way to spend your Sunday lunchtime. No?

This weekend was the 2nd hand bicycle market in Antwerp. Organised by a popular 2nd hand sales website, and supported by De Koninck and Velodome. Again a good turnout of people who wanted to sell their old bikes and people looking for a good deal on a 2nd hand bike.  This was all coupled with the fact that Sunday the 15th Sept was ‘car free day’ in Antwerp city centre. All cars were banned, leaving the roads to pedestrians, cyclists, horse drawn carriages and of course public transport. There were also a couple of picnic baskets handed out to locals who could set up their own street picnic with their neighbours. The 2 basket winners I met were having a lot of fun enjoying a rather nicely filled basket of food and drinks. Not just beer, I should add!

Part of meeting so many people on these jobs is hearing what they have to say about the events. All I heard is praise for the organisation and that these sorts of things should happen more. Seeing people from all walks of life just get together and enjoy the day in their own way is marvellous.

On the 22nd of Sept. it’s Ghent’s turn to have the Bollekespicknick’ in town. Fingers crossed that the weather plays along. Give a wave if you are there.


Some of the bike market photos.

Some of the Antwerp picnic in the park photos.