D800 & D4 out in the wild.

As in intermission to the main feature of the D800 in NY, I took the D800 and it’s big brother, the D4 out for a test shoot in Ghent. The goal was Zero favourtism for either camera. Put some lenses on and shoot with the camera that had the right lens at the right time. I literally grabbed the camera that I needed for that shot and used it.
Once home, I loaded all the shots into Lightroom4 to select and process. Again, I just made a blind selection from the set of shots made, paying no attention to which camera the shots came from.  Processing is very basic indeed, I pretty much dropped a VSCO preset onto one file and copy/pasted it to all the rest. Still paying no attention to file info I quickly tweaked each image if I felt it was needed. We’re talking minutes of work here, very low minutes too.
Export and done.

Now, this was a real quick test. To simulate my personal shooting workflow. To know which file came from which camera I would now have to look at the EXIF for each file. I can remember a few shots that were made with a specific camera but the majority I really don’t know.

The pixel peepers are going to want low light direct comparisons, I didn’t do those. There are some low light shots is the set but ISO? In this type of shoot it doesn’t matter. This is real, this is how they work in this situation. Yes, they’re scaled for web, no there are no 1 to 1 crops. Isn’t this how we see the majority of images nowadays though? Larger samples, crops and more details to follow soon in my upcoming Blog posts and an extensive article in the Belgian photography magazine. SHOOT.
Below are a random selection, please take the time to check out the rest on my FB page. 

Thanks to  Noémie & Simon for the time.

  • greg thurtle - Lovely shots and Lovely processing – gonna get me some of those VSCO studio set.
    Looks like Nikon have a perfect duo of action and studio cameras that can be used interchangably.

  • Aaron - Awesome set of images. Which VSCO preset did you use?

  • Rob Mitchell - Thnaks, A tweaked Fuji800

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