Demo day – Dedolight for Studio VZW

I couple of snaps from during yesterdays demo day for Studio VZW. I was showing some possibilities for photographers who are looking for a continuous light solution.
Together with Luxillag I had several lights with me, the classic Dedolight DLH4 Tungsten lights, the DLED4 system, Felloni Tecpro and the  Daylight Panaura 5.

There was a lot of interest amongst the colleagues who were looking for an efficient and fast way of lighting various situations.

One of the most common, and justified questions when demonstrating continuous light is, ‘how much light do the produce?’
Typically the reply is that if you want to photograph lively subjects you might run into trouble with these relatively low powered lights as they are primarily  aimed at video work. Having said that, check out the shutter speed of image 5. Below. This was shot in the same ambient light as image 3. Illuminated with one Felloni 15˚ bi-colour LED panel and exposed for the lightest part of the subject. If you want to get creative with light and see how your light is working before you even make a photo, have a look at Dedolights.

1:  A daylight and gridded Panaura 5 just illuminating the floor in front of it. A lovely soft wrap of light.
1/2400 – F1.4 – ISO800

DSCF9089_dedo_900px2: The Panaura 5 using the book as a reflector to bounce some light up onto the face.
1/480 – F1.4 – ISO500

DSCF9094_dedo_900px3: Hands on experimenting by some of the members.

DSCF9076_dedo_900px4 Mixing some ambient and mixed Bi-colour LED Felloni
1/140 – F2.8 – ISO500

DSCF9074_dedo_900px5: Jane.
1/3800 – F2.5 – ISO800

DSCF9083_dedo_900pxThis last crazy shot if of me at the spectacular location we had for the day. Not often I’m in a church, even less at the front! 😉
Thanks to Bert Stephani for making the snap. A friend and colleague who was demonstrating Elinchrom and off camera flash techniques for Servix

rob in church

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