Phonecall from HQ:

008, we have a mission for you:

You are required to turn the box up the right way and take the contents to New York for  an intense 2 day testing mission.
Enclosed you will find our new tool, the Nikon D800. An advanced and class leading 36 megapixel camera with advanced video options. 

Your mission is to be seen, provide visible coverage of your trip and report back to us with your findings.


So… I am honoured to have the opportunity to represent Nikon at a Nikon event in New York. I’ll be taking the D800 and some accessories to give it a proper workout. Of course I have accepted the mission and will be leaving on the 26th March 2012 for a non-stop event. I have no idea what the challenges are in store, I just know when and where I’ll be dropped and picked up. HQ is keeping the rest of the mission a closely guarded secret. I will reveal all as and when I know myself.

I will be blogging and tweeting at all chances. If you’d like to follow what goes on during the mission, keep an eye on this blog and my Twitter feed.  Rob on Twitter   I’ll be using the hashtag #NikonNY for posts from there.
Until then, I’m going to charge up the battery and get accustomed to the new machine!

*added another feed. Tumblr account to get some Behind the scenes stuff posted quickly.



  • Matt Tyler - Great stuff Rob. Looking forward to hearing what you think of the D800 and seeing what the mission holds for you. Will certainly be following your tweets. Have a safe trip!

  • Matt Fryer - Only marginally jealous. Honest… Have a good trip and look forward to the images and write up on your return.

  • Stuart Reid - Looking forward to seeing and hearing what you get up in in NY.. Only slightly jealous too.

  • greg thurtle - can’t wait to see everything unfold.. as someone with a pre-order I think you have the best job ever 🙂

  • Nikon D800: eerste blik op de camera - Licht & visie - […] te testen en mijn ervaringen te delen. Later daarover meer, want in dat kader krijg ik tesamen met Rob Mitchell een mooie ervaring aangeboden om (video)beelden te […]

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