mini-lab printing service

Like many photographers, I’m terrible about printing my own photos. I have so many yet they mostly stay on the computer or archived on disk.Recently I’ve started to print a lot more, just small photos for my own reference.

Until recently I only printed large format photos for either myself or for clients. This is great for short runs or high quality exhibition work but what about smaller formats that are just handy to have in a small flick-book or hanging around the office for reference. Or what about clients that order 10x15cm (6x4in) prints. Most people will rely on an mass production printing service for the small formats, hoping that the colours will be OK. Some photographers like a white border around a print, some want a full bleed. if it can all be done at large format, why not at smaller formats too?

So, What if…

You’re a photographer in the same boat. Or looking for an easy way to fulfill client orders.

What if, You could order high quality gloss or satin Dye-Sub 10x15cm prints at a competitive price..

You order 10x15cm’s and get them delivered in a nice plain and unbranded box. No time-date-advertising back print on the photos. Or even have the photos delivered directly to your client? again, nice clean packaging with no branding. Then again, what about your own branding on there? That’s possible too. Your logo and return address on the packaging would look good, no?

What if this was a very fast turn-around too?

What about Mobile photos..

What if you could print those ‘Hisptamatic’ or ‘Instagram’ square format photos..  come to think of it, all those other great photos hiding on your phone..

What if you could mail them, FTP, transfer those photos too, get them printed to fit on a 10x15cm and even trimmed to square?

Getting files to me? well, easy. upload to my FTP, mail, transfer service. all possible.

Interested? Give me a yell and we’ll talk about sharp pricing.








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