My world before photography.

People ask me regularly what sort of background education I had before I decided to become a full time photographer.

Basically, I started out as a model-maker. I made models of all sorts of things. From prototypes of toys, special effects models for advertising, TV or films and I even broke into the car modelling world at Ford. Learning how to model full sized cars in clay.

Clearing up my office I stumbled upon this video of a model I made as part of my final year at college. Commissioned by the late Hollywood actor Sam Wanamaker, this model was of his dream. A recreation of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. The dream became reality and is standing proud on the South-Bank – London.
3 of us worked on the model, each creating sections that came together as the final piece. Predominantly made of Western Red Cedar it was a work of passion and precision. I remember all too well the time it took to saw 1/2mm x 1/2mm sections of wood for window frames and planing the wood to create our own veneers.

As far as I know the model is still at the Globe. If you’re there, have a look or at least ask about it.

Of course, most of this model-making is now done with 3D computer graphics. Another part of my past that I might mention one day 🙂

The video is a bit poor, it’s old and ripped from a VHS. Anyway, enjoy!

Lots of sweat and tears went into this model. Not to mention a tiny little bit of blood every now and then!

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