Paintball promotional clip – 100% GoPro

At the end of 2013 we were asked to shoot a very short promotional video for a paintball event company based near Antwerp. Stafort operates out of a moated fort in Stabroek and as well as paintball, offers a wide range of activities for all ages groups.

This short clip by Frank and myself was shot 100% on GoPro cameras. Hero2, 3 black and 3+ black to be more exact.


  • Paintball UK - Wow, what an awesome video, I love the slow mo bits it’s really well done. I went to Paintball UK and wanted to do a video with my go pro but was a bit concerned about it getting damaged, but after seeing your video I will be sure to go again taking my go pro this time. The game zone there are really awesome, some of the best I have seen, I will be sure to post my video.

  • Rob Mitchell - Go for it, it’s what the GoPro was made for 🙂 Just give it a good wash after because that paint is sticky and messy.
    We just issued warnings NOT to shoot down the drones, oddly people listened 😉

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