360° Panoramic photography

One of my specialities is creating interactive 360° panoramic photographs. Through a combination of hardware and software use, a fully immersive 360° photo can be produced and displayed on or offline.  360° panoramas have been around for a while but due to poor capture techniques they can appear very distorted in play-back, something that my experience in this field avoids. I can product very smooth images, low distortion and especially good for off-line use, very high resolution images.

Here are 3 very recent panoramas that I have made. Shot at a photo exhibition in Ghent – Belgium you can virtually visit the exhibition space and see some of my work that is on display. My work is the long B&W group of images hanging on the wall in the first panorama. It’s a selection from one of my ‘day in the life of’ photo essays. The full selection can be viewed online too: A day in the life of…

The panoramas – By clicking the images you will be taken to gallery page where you can experience the full 360° QTVR panorama’s. Enjoy!

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