Sarolèa SP7 in Spa

What an honour. To be invited to take part in the Bikers Classic event at the world famous Spa Francorchamps circuit here in Belgium.
That’s the first thought I had when I rolled up at the circuit with the Sarolèa Racing team this past weekend.
A whole weekend of classic racing bikes and racing legends. Some racing, some on more gentle parade laps. Bliss.

We were invited to share a pit box with the fabulous guys and girls of Honda Legends It was a pleasure to enjoy the weekend with them all. Great characters and great bikes.

Of course, for us the main event was the much anticipated demo run of the SP7. Sadly, Saturday was a washout, the unpredictable Spa weather was predictably wet and fitted with just slicks, there was no way team boss Torsten was sending the SP7 out. Sunday was a better day, light drizzle but plenty of gaps in the showers.  2 good rides were made during the day as part of the classic GP500 parades. The loudest bikes you can imagine, proper ear splitting 2 and 4 strokes. It was fun laying at the exit of La Source, hearing and feeling the classic bikes approach and go past. Then the almost silent approach and exit of the SP7. The regenarative braking noise is beautiful and then the song of winding up of the electric motor as it catapults the bike out of the bend. Hearing is believing.

Even standing still it looks like it’s going fast so there was huge interest in the bike all weekend.

Here’s a collection of my impressions of the weekend. Not just the SP7 but a variety of images and some of my childhood dream bikes in there too! The NSR500 being high on that list. 🙂


  • Martine Verleyen - Hi Rob,

    Nice to see the warm comments on te Honda Legends team. I’m the girlfriend of Bart and he was extremely happy to have you guys in their box. He was also saying you took amazing pics and specifically nr 17 on this blog, on which my man is leaving the box on his favourite machine 🙂 is superb. Is their any chance I could order this picture of hi?. I’d like to turn it into a huge poster to put on the wall. Hoping you can help me surprise him. Awaiting your answer.

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