The best bit of today…

The best bit of today was between breakfast and dinner.

I’m useless at this blog lark. I didn’t write anything about Tuesday. Not because it was a boring day but there was just no time. 🙁 It was a packed day exploring the mid to north areas of Malta. A full report will be coming soon.

Today was filled with a visit to Gozo, a small island just north of a already pretty small island. It’s just a short ferry trip away from Malta, or if you prefer,  a rather invigorating swim.

Anyway, to cut a very long story short. A day isn’t enough to see it.  How’s that for a monster teaser?

One bit I should share though was me blending in with the locals. I’d just been on a photo safari in the north of the island and was whizzing through the lanes and villages like a native, slowing for not much. Until I caught sight of a hitcher’s thumb in one village. I dropped the anchors, hit reverse and backed up to where the hitcher was standing. A gentleman of many years, I’d say not a year less than 250. I asked him where he needed to go, Victoria was the reply. Gozo being small meant that Victoria was where I was headed. I threw my camera gear in the back seat and he flopped into the car.

He fumbled about trying to get his seat belt on telling me he didn’t want to get a ticket. A ticket I thought. Out here? I’d not see a policeman since getting off the ferry…  The gent needed a lift into Victoria to catch the noon bus, normally he drove there but the laws have changed here and all cars need to be tested for roadworthiness. His ancient Fiat didn’t het through the test and he refused to get it fixed. It didn’t need ”fixing” he said, ”I put petrol in it and it works”  I just smiled, loving his logical reasoning.

Thanks to my developed native driving skills of.. drive it like you stole it.. The Gent got to the bus station on time and as a token of his thanks he left me the smell of stale wee circulating the Chevy.

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